Project Description

Porcelain Reed Diffuser: 

Blossom in Your Universe – Various flowers blooms together, like a grand banquet of flourishing flower empires, means breath of spring is coming. This series Reed Diffuser combine with handmade flower elements, shown us the noble and elegant flavor of life.

Item No. D-GLCO20401 porcelain reed diffuser
Desc. Porcelain reed diffuser
Size 7.3*6.8*13.4cm
Material Porcelain
Shipping Port Chinese port, such as Xiamen
OEM/ODM Service Available, we also can design specially for you
Standard can meet LFGB, CA65 Etc.

Reed diffusers are a popular and practical way to add constant fragrance to any room, without the use of heat or flame. Moreover, reed diffusers deliver fragrance using a simple wick system: fragrance oil seeps up through reeds or sticks, dispersing scent into the air.

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